About Us

CARTWheel was established in 1998 as an organization of the first working CART providers in the U.S. ?We saw the need to protect consumers who were seeking CART services from receiving non-CART services offered by court reporters who treated CART as “daily copy” and charged accordingly. We also saw a need to help each other with technical questions about equipment and translation software. ?Thus, CARTWheel was founded. ?Gayl Hardeman, its founder, brought together established providers who paid a small amount per year to fund the efforts of publishing a newsletter and website and bringing more urgency about CART education to the attention of NCRA. ?When Gayl went to Australia for a year to provide broadcast captioning, she handed the reins to Monette Benoit, who continued to administer the network.

In 2005, when NCRA and its volunteer members established a Certified CART Providers skills exam and began offering educational programs, ?we put CARTWheel on hold. ?Mission accomplished, we felt.

Now we see the need for more and simpler communication for employers and families of our consumers who are mainly deaf, late-deafened, or hard of hearing, or who can hear now with a cochlear implant but may need CART captioning for webinars and conference calls as they are adjusting to their CI. ?We felt the need to resurrect CARTWheel to provide?frequently-sought information. ?NCRA does a great job providing information for its members, but a CART consumer has difficulty ferreting out what they need to know. ?We know what you need. ?We plan to give it here. ?Tell us if we miss something.

Please write to CARTWheel, c/o HRI, PO Box 130561, Tampa, FL 33681 or e-mail AskCARTWheel@gmail.com.